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Our Software

We partner with EHR systems, clearinghouses, and other vendors to provide an integrated, comprehensive solution. Already have EHR? Our system integrates with over a dozen EHR systems.
Our billing solution is able to check the the patient’s eligibility as well as tracking claim progress with clearinghouse integration.

Fast and efficient, we have the most intuitive medical billing software on the market.

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Our Services

Innovative Billing

AMB submits claims to Medicare, Medicaid, Personal Injury and Workers compensation and all commercial carriers within 12 hours. Reducing long turn around times and allowing funds to flow to your practice.

Accounts Receivable

Our software tracks claim status and provides a dashboard view for easy and effective management of accounts receivable. Reports of your practice's accounts receivable are available for you to view over the web on a HIPAA compliant, password protected web portal.

Denial Management

Denied claims have met their match! Our state-of-the-art system allows us to fix claims before the payer receives it. Our Denial and Appeals Specialist, work smart & diligently to get your claims paid, even when insurance companies say no.

Patient Statements

Once a month, we send out past due statements as well Coordination Of Benefits requests when prompted by payers. Our staff assists your patients with payment  arrangements. The statements list our phone number for your patients to call if they have questions about their insurance benefits or outstanding balances.


Our practice management system comes with a FREE, multI-payer Patient Eligibility feature. This allows your staff to check copay and deductible amounts with the payers in real time.

Explanation of Benefits

With easy to access reporting and dashboards, you'll always know exactly what's happening in your practice and where you stand financially.


Whether you are a new provider or you are seeking to re-credential with payers, we handle it all. AMB can register the provider with NPI, create a CAQH, manage applications, and set up EFT/ERA enrollment for all payers.


AMB is fully HIPAA compliant and assist our clients with Compliance Procedures issued by the Office of Attorney General Office.

Our goal is help your facility perform at its highest level. We want to see Healthcare Providers grow, not only with patient flow but with their reimbursements.

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