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Advantages to Outsourcing

Reduce your AR

AMB submits all claims within 12 hours. When you outsource with AMB, you will have dedicated experts to conduct AR audits to make sure all your pending claims are cleared and processed quickly. This will bring your practice pending revenue and will help streamline your medical billing process. Most practices have pending account receivables because of coding discrepancies. Coding errors are avoidable when you use, Achane Medical Billing.

Get your claims paid

AMB submits all claims within 12 hours. We frequently follow-up with the payers to make sure your claims have processed and you get reimbursements on time. This ensures consistent revenue for your practice and allows you to plan for the enhancement of your operations. Denied claims have met their match! Our state-of-the-art system allows us to fix claims before the payer receives it. Our Denial and Appeals Specialist, work smart & diligently to get your claims paid, even when insurance companies say no.

Focus on your patients

AMB takes care of all billing complications, claims, and reimbursements. Our system tracks all claims until they are paid. If a claim is rejected, it will be automatically flagged in our system and appropriate corrective action will be taken until the issue is resolved. Therefore, your focus on patient care increases automatically, when you know you have a team focused on your revenue cycle management.

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